It is Medieval Scotland and you are about to meet the King, Queen, Prince, Princess and Merlin the Magician, Blitz will supply all the costumes accessories  waiting staff costumes PA, lighting staging and associated equipment. The performance team eat with the guests at a top table which also serves as a performance HQ. This event is designed for larger audiences and is improvised around a fixed framework.

 The ‘Royal Family’ officially arrive to fanfares, are introduced by Merlin. The ‘Royal Family’ visit the tables and chat to the audience and Merlin does some close up magic at the tables.

Between the soup and Main courses The Royal Family’ invite audience members to join them in a medieval dance, costumes music and PA supplied by Blitz.  At the end of the dance the participants re-take their seats. 

At the end of the main course The ‘Royal Family’ organise a ‘joust on horseback’ first choosing Knights, Ladies, Grooms and Jesters to take part and inviting each side of the room to cheer for their respective champions. Costumes weapons and ‘horses’ supplied by Blitz.

At the end of desert course the ‘Royal Family’ decide to hold an auction (of an audience member.) The Queen wins and takes her prize outside to claim her ‘winnings’.  The Prince and Princess, who now are feeling  left out demand that they too should have a marriage partner. They choose one each from the audience and the king conducts a marriage ceremony. They leave the room with their spouses. A little later they all return with their ‘victims’ who are by now dishevelled be-smirched with lipstick and looking thoroughly tired out, we can only guess at what horrors have taken place!

 Merlin, who is now outraged at the behaviour of the ‘Royal Family,’ confronts them and through a non pyrotechnic effect turns them to stone and trounces out of the room leaving them standing there. He quickly returns and introduces them as actors to the audience they all take a bow. If there is music or disco to follow the King will introduce the ‘minstrels’ or as they are known in modern parlance the Disco.

A great corporate and family fun evening.