Murder Mystery

Foul Deeds and Flatulence

This is our latest murder mystery

The Rillington retirement home for gentle folk is harbouring a dark, dark secret. One of the elderly residents has recently become a murderer! The Matron has been found dead in her room today. Not just any old day but the day of a 100th birthday party! She appears to have died of natural causes but perhaps all is not as it may seem. can you discover the perpetrator of this heinous crime? But be warned the suspects are all over 80!

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Murder at the Mains

A very 'Traditional' murder mystery

Set in 1958 in stately Charnley Mains Manor, the ancestral home of the Charnley family, the dreadful murder of Lord Charles Charnley involves Lady Olivia Charnley and her sister Winifred Allot. There is also a very strange butler called Pokeworthy and dear Mrs Bunce the original slow cooker, and perhaps a French police inspector.

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The Mystery of Room 313

This is a classic 'locked room' Murder Mystery

Austere 1951 and at the Rillington Hotel. one of the guests has met an unfortunate end, the end, in fact of a very sharp knife. The problem is, he was found in a room locked from the inside! The staff of the Hotel are all under suspicion. Mr Goosepocket, the manager, Mrs Blooph his assistant, Hectorina Prodwell the maid, and the deaf chef Mr Phuffler, presided over by a member of the local constabulary.

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The Haunting of Howling Hollow

A Creepy Ghostly Murder Mystery

It is 1888 and Jack the Ripper is abroad in London. but Sopwith and Ertwyn Neatbunch have their own problems. Mhorwhen Sniffitt has been found brutally murdered in their house and this is affecting Molly Sniffitt and enraging her governess the formidable Miss Armitage Shanks. Even the local magistrate Ogston Oatpork is baffled. Creepy and scary, don’t get caught alone.

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The Horror of Feichie Mhor

A Very Scottish Murder Mystery

In the vast wild reaches of the Highlands of Scotland lies the isolated Feichie Mhor Castle. In this lonely and desolate spot in the year of 1897 a foul murder has been perpetrated. The Laird, Keich Mc Feichie is suspected, as are the other guests at dinner that night. Flech Mc Scratt, his wife Dolly and Mistress Futtrett the local schoolteacher. The responsibility for the investigation lies at the feet of the county sheriff and, of course, you the invited detectives.

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Enigma of the pyramids

A HOT Egyptian Murder Mystery

Its 1934 and the stifling heat of the Valley of the Kings, Egypt has only served to arouse the passions of the Mounteasy expedition who are searching for the tomb of Rhamalot III. Hector Hosebeast was the victim , and all the members of the expedition are suspects. Lord Montgomery Mounteasy and his ‘friend’ Phluphy Phlushette. The camp manager, Toi Lipshitz and even the moody and brooding Ken Henbison. Inspector Harted from the Cairo police seems to be totally mystified.

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A Flare for Murder

A 1970’s Musical Murder Mystery most suitable for larger audiences up to 100 people


Free love, free speech, free everything in the swinging sixties and seventies. To say that this murder is a mystery would be the understatement of the year. The police are not even sure what killed the manager of the fading rock band Dainty June. There is a mixture of sex, drugs, rock and roll, intrigue, jealousy and hate, all rolled up in a tangled web of deceit bound to baffle the cleverest detective.

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Shot to Fame

A 'Happy' and 'Jolly holiday' Murder Mystery most suitable for larger audiences up to 100 people

Is everybody happy? Set in 1966 in Saplin’s Holiday Camp, (or on a cruise liner). The evening of the variety show ends in mayhem and nightmare as jaded comedian Mike Brash is murdered. Which one of the motley holiday crew committed this foul deed, or was it all of them? Only you and the policeman can decide…. or can you?

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The Curse of Hangman’s Drop

This is a very golfish Murder Mystery

Set in a Golf Club in the present day, A competitor has come to an untimely and horrific end during the Presidents Cup competition. Egnell Pump, the club pro is under suspicion as is Linklaeter Spasm and his wife Hermione, and Mr and Mrs Swallocks. Surely these upstanding pillars of the community could not have had a hand in this foul deed, and what is so special about the 17th hole, Hangman’s Drop?

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To Stage a Death

A very theatrical Murder Mystery

A 1931 traveling theatre company makes a grisly discovery just before curtain up on the opening night of their new production of ‘Burke and Hare’. It must have been one of the company, but how was it done? and who done it? The cast are indeed a strange bunch of people, but which of them is strange enough to commit this murder. Can you put your finger on the culprit? Who could have ended the life of Siegfried Solomon the producer, but, more to the point how was it done? A puzzle indeed.

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Circus of Horrors

A Murder Mystery in a ring of deceit

Unspeakable horror at Sir Robert Fosdyke’s All Electric Travelling circus. The great ejaculator has been blown to bits with his own cannon during the matinee performance. Kolic the clown seems upset, as does Madam Tzarina the mysterious Gypsy fortune teller. And who is Annette? Its up to you to interview the ringmaster Ury Fosdyke and the ‘Mighty Atom’ and’ Lady of Rubber,’ Brenda Loosefarthing. See if you can pick up the pieces of this 1930’s mystery.

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That’s Amorté

Here there be gangsters - most suitable for larger audiences up to 100 people

OK OK Alright already. Today’s Wedding of Antony and Tina may be a Mafia affair but who would have thought that Don Cannelloni would be murdered at his own sons wedding? Least of all his number two Guiseppe ‘The Belly’ Linguini. Perhaps the answer lies in the old adage ‘He who lives by the sword dies by the sword’. Question these suspects at your own risk!

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Hacked to Death

This is a very PC Murder Mystery

In this modern fast-forward world of ‘IT’ and computer wizardry it was perhaps inevitable that eventually someone would commit a murder using a PC! Could that someone be Mac Lapptopp, Dorothy Comme, Fortran Wormwood or even Cleatus Plus or perhaps Thruxton Babbltt. Would anybody notice the demise of a nerd? Will the investigating officer be obliged to wear an anorak and constantly speak unintelligible jargon ?

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Dark Carpathia

A veritable scorpion of a Murder Mystery

Set in April 1912. Society people, rich families led by the Beeble Smeetch dynasty whiling away their boring existence, amusing themselves by dabbling in the latest fashionable trend including that most dark and forbidden of all the sins – Murder, but committed by whom? The gentle Reverend Honeyman or perhaps the strange and creepy Dr Leache. This is murder with an ironic and astounding sting in the tail.

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To Mock a Killingbird

A very stormy murder mystery

It’s 1925 and a night that will be remembered as “the night of the great storm”. The worst storm in living memory. The village of Hawkwind by sea is completely cut off from the outside world and the villagers (that’s you!) are sheltering in the church hall courtesy of the vicar Rev Thrashing, teas served by Daphne Droopbussel (The Chutney Queen) until the worst is over. But maybe…….. the worst is yet to come………….

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A Wilderness of Mirrors

Be under no illusions with this Baffling Mystery

This mystery is NOT  A MURDER MYSTERY but a mystery dinner and is still full of sinuous paths, veiled secrets and dark intrigues. Set in 1889 a phantom like thief has stolen the fabulous ‘Jewell In India’s Passage’ from a locked room in Hobbs End Hall during an evening soiree. You cannot possibly suspect young Abaris Feende, can you? Or the aged butler, Spasm or surely it couldn’t have been the owners of Hobbs End Hall, Easley and Gingold Breastwork….. Could it? Might it be that there is a tenuous link with an infamous character called Jack? Whoever it was seems to have committed that most elusive of all sins. The impossible and perfect crime……. Or is it?

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Dark Dancer

Beware for here there be Pirates!

 This mystery is NOT  A MURDER MYSTERY but a mystery dinner and is still a dark puzzle surrounding the ‘perfect crime’. Set in 1718 on board the pirate ship Dark Dancer a thief has stolen Captain Habbakuck Sprunt’s most treasured possession, the fabulous and legendary jewel ‘The Eye of Ra’ from a locked cabin on board the Dark Dancer. As a member of the audience you have been captured along with the other landlubbers by this motley crew and are being held to ransom, but the Captain may do a deal with you if you can uncover the scurvy dog who stole his ‘precious’. This mystery beggars the question, not why, but how on earth was it done?

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Who Killed Teddy Baer

A Rock and Roll Murder Mystery most suitable for larger audiences up to 100 people


Let’s step back to 1959 and enjoy a ‘warm’ welcome to the Makemore Ballroom full of swinging chicks and Teddy Boys. Can you discover who left the garroted body in the hallway? It wasn’t Robert Supwood was it? Or the vicitms girlfriend Sonia Foot? Perhaps the barmaid Beryl Figgis had something to do with it or even maybe his best friend Duane Thrust. Who’s to know? Well you are hopefully!

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Parental Guidance Notes

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