How do our murder & mystery events work?

We will supply a fully scripted, carefully rehearsed original plot complete with five professional actors, costumes, props etc. in fact, all you do is supply the guests.

The Characters will play their respective parts believably and faithfully throughout the event as they mix with the guests, improvising where necessary but always telling the `truth,’ except perhaps for the ‘murderer’. Always maintaining the delicate balance between ‘reality’ and the ridiculous.

The dropping of carefully placed clues and general controlling of the proceedings is the responsibility of a central character, normally in the guise of a police officer or maybe a customs man or a lady author. Each of our 20 plots are ‘paced’ so as to be difficult enough to engage the audience for three hours but not too complicated that they give up half way through!

For most plots guests are provided with a leather bound Blitz Murder book, which sets the scene by means of map, plans and general views of the murder scene. It also introduces each of the suspects and gives a brief outline of the circumstances surrounding the mystery.

Your evening begins just before your meal is served when you may be introduced to the suspects informed of the date and any other relevant information that the police officer heading the investigation may wish to impart. Throughout your meal the guests ask as many questions of the characters as they need, they must watch and listen to everything that may happen during the event and examine the physical clues that will be discovered during the course of the evening in order to gain as much information as possible. At around the time coffee is served the guests hand in to the ‘inspector’ their conclusions on three points: `Who done it’, why and how.

The climax comes with the Murderer or Murderers being finally unmasked and brought to justice, with a finely detailed explanation of the crime given by the police character, in true Agatha Christie style, with maybe a little gentle teasing on the side.

We know that you will enjoy this unusual mixture of fun laughs and puzzlement. 2000 performances, audience numbers totalling around 200,000 people and twenty six years experience has shown us that our Murder Mysteries have the added bonus of bringing people together, promoting teamwork and creating a friendly, warm atmosphere. This innovation in entertainment is perfectly suited as an alternative to the usual business dinner or corporate entertainment and, we also specialise in performing Murder Dinners for team building events. Like we say…………………..

Come and enjoy a great meal – in fabulous surroundings – with some of the best friends you never even knew you had!