What Do We Do?


Murder Mystery Dinners

Choose from our comprehensive list of 20 unique plots, from Victorian splendour, through a 1930’s Egyptian expedition and murder by the internet to a 1970’s rock band and an old folks home where the suspects are all over 80! Fun and puzzlement and lots and lots of laughs guaranteed, an excellent and extremely entertaining way to spend an evening, and perfect for corporate and team building events. Click on the link above for a complete listing of plots for murder dinners, overnight murders and weekends of murder.

A Weekend of Murder

Similar to a murder dinner but coupled with an overnight stay where the investigation continues after breakfast and murderer is revealed just before lunch the next day.


Dicing with Death

A Murder Mystery team game with a difference. This is a massive game which extends only to the boundaries of your imagination! Play it in a hotel or in a private venue. Extend the playing area to cover a whole city! Played on a huge playing board complete with dice and team pieces. Teams are tasked to discover the facts behind a murder. Each competing team must make their way around the playing board and into five ‘towers’ avoiding the tricks and traps on the way.

When a team manages to ‘enter’ a tower on the board they may leave the playing board and actually visit the room within the venue, or they may visit areas in a city or within a country house hotel estate where they may meet a suspect, search for a clue or carry out a timed observation test. Teams must have their wits about them and should have a good level of general knowledge.

At the end of the allotted time, which is around 2 hours, the winning team is judged to be the team with the closest answers to three questions – Who committed this foul murder, why and how? Dicing with Death encourages close co-operation and task sharing within the teams, educates people in joint problem solving whilst above all is far from being serious! – A perfect team building event for the day time or evening? Well we think so.

The Guests From Hell

They are at your party but they think they are at a family wedding! They are awful, unspeakably boring and quite simply appalling! You supply us with some background and we do the rest. As with all of our events, tastefully of course. The head waiter of the venue is a Spanish maniac, the waitress should have been put out to grass when Zeppelins were all the rage. A fabulous evening of tastefully performed mayhem and hilarity. The perfect choice for corporate evenings.

The Joke Restaurant

A great evening of laughs and fun with our peculiar waiting staff. An unbeatable and unique fun packed evening that can easily be customised to include references to audience members etc. This event is usually linked with The Guests From Hell.

A ‘Royal’ Medieval Banquet

An evening of fun fun fun. Meet Good King Neadly Beanstroker and Queen Beryl along with their family, Prince Battfondler and the Princess Wibble. Dance, sing, joust and gasp in wonder as Merlin shows you his credentials. Uproarious fun for the whole family.

Blitz Time Tours

Welcome to somewhere different

Have you ever considered that a lot of Blitz events are set in the past? Well, it occurred to us, how does the audience get there! Following years of extensive (and expensive) research we now have the answer. By time machine. (obvious really!) Not only that, but we have built one to transport your clients to the era where their event is taking place. Although the time machine was constructed to transport people to our ‘Royal Medieval Banquet’, whether your event is a Murder Mystery or a Custom event tailored to your requirements or whatever event you choose, Blitz will fly you there. This fantastic innovation is offered as an ‘add on’ to virtually any Blitz event. Please check with your Blitz office before offering this service.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

This is a specially written 40 minute kids show whilst the Mums and Dads etc relax in the bar. We will supply the stage, lighting and sound and of course the cast, the venue provides the space and the audience. This service is on offer to all our corporate and venue clients, perfect for corporate family d


Blitz will supply any number of paparazzi characters complete with costume, press badges, camera’s flashes etc. Each character will meet and greet your guests interacting with them on an improvised basis as situations unfold. The characters are noisy and funny without being repetitive, insulting or invasive. If you wish to include any guests for ‘special attention’ this can be easily arranged with Blitz by e-mail before the event. It is best to restrict this part of an event to entry to the venue only to prevent the guests becoming overwhelmed by the characters and to avoid over exposure.


Stage Shows

Please note that the content of these stage shows may be subject to change and that each show requires a ‘lead’ time between booking and performance of at least three months. These shows are designed for performances in well equipped theatres.

Here we offer a series of superbly crafted stage shows each lasting between 40 minutes to two hours depending on your requirements taking you on a magical tour through some great songs and unforgettable music. Featuring stunning light shows, dazzling costumes, animated backdrops and special effects, these events offer fabulous live stage shows that are simply not to be missed. We will take you on the roller-coaster ride of your life. From laughter to tears, right through to that thing where you just have to stand up, wave your arms and join in! Ideal for the end of a themed corporate evening these events are aimed at larger audiences and larger venues.

A Taste of Scotland.

A 90 minute cabaret show featuring traditional well known Scottish songs and monologues performed by a cast of five musicians and singers. Some played in the old fashioned way and others with a more modern twist. A brilliant evening of unforgettable music, memories and laughs….


Third Degree Burns


An Englishman decides he should run this years Burns Night Supper, much against the wishes of the local ‘committee’ and he deicides to do it his way …..What could possibly go wrong? A very funny, two act musical farce, all of course with a strong Scottish and Robbie Burns flavour….



What Else?

We  specialise in Role plays for Health and safety courses, Recruitment, Assessment Centres,  Relative Response excercises and bespoke events. We supply actors for film and video productions for the corporate, film and TV sectors. We have a number of Voice Over artistes who will work with your script in our own studio to produce a high quality result to your specification every time.

We have Event Profiles, DVDs and audio CDs with excerpts from most of our shows available on request. Just ask.